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Ideal La Bella

Ideal La Bella

SKU: 0003
  1. PID temperature control technology
  2. S.s housing with white colour finishing.
  3. Competition IMS baskets and shower screen (optional)
  4. Two 550ml coffee boilers and 8L steam boilers for making steam and hot water.
  5. With an inlet water pipe to connect tap water.
  6. Rotary vane pump (9 bar) FLUID-O-TECH or PROCON
  7. Different barometers show the pressure of coffee and steam.
  8. Multifunction for automatic hot water and manual steam.
  9. A light touch button operation can adjust the coffee brewing time.
  10. Digital display shows brewing time and temperature, and the temperature can be adjusted.
  11. Professional s.s. porta-filter holder and filer with a 58mm diameter.
  12. With automatic pressure release for protection.
  13. Drainage function and removable drip tray
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