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IDEAL 58mm Coffee Distributor

IDEAL 58mm Coffee Distributor

  1. 58mm Coffee Distributor Espresso Tamper Leveller Stainless Black Aluminum
  2. Food grade solid heavy-duty coated 304 stainless steel, dishwasher Safe, rust-proof.
  3. Evenly redistributes coffee grounds and provides a larger flat surface area for the barista to apply an even tamping pressure using the palm which helps with control and consistency
  4. Base Diameter(approx.): 58mm/2.3 inches, Height: 35mm/1.37 inch
  5. Pretty delicate with premium material and an exquisite appearance
  6. Height is adjustable by its screw mechanism (no grub screws, shims, or Allen keys required) to suit different doses or baskets.
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