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Ideal D24 PRO

Ideal D24 PRO

SKU: 0024

01. Dual boilermachine.

02. Copper inner pipes

03. One 550 ml S.S. coffee boiler.

04. 2.5L insulated S.S. steam boiler for making steam and hot water.

05. Multifunction for making coffee, steam and hot water.

06. Professional 58mm porta-filter.

07. Real-time monitoring of extraction pressure.

08. s.s. boiler that helps in minimising the scaling

09 Auto water-sucking with pump booster.

10. Digital display to show brewing time

11. Digital display to show temperature.

12. Adjustable brewing temperature.

13. With programmable pre-infusion

14. s.s housing with white colour

15. IMS baskets compatible.

16. Optimise energy usage.

17. Programmable buttons.

18. Adjustable height.

19. Italian pump with

20. 9-15bar pressure.

21. 2L removable water tank.

21. With S.S steam and water pipe.

22. Auto steam disperse with automatic pressure release technology

23. PID heating temperature

control technology ensures

stable & accurate brewing

Power:- 2650W | Voltage/Hz:- 220V-50Hz | G.W:- 26KG | UNIT:- 46.7x35.8x47.7CM

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